Fee Free!

I am very pleased to share that Jordan and I are finally Fee Free!

We closed our joint chequing account with CIBC now and have moved all of our day to day banking with ING Thrive, complimented by a suite of savings accounts!  As we had three unlimited accounts with CIBC, this will save us $467.64 a year!

My personal credit card is a zero fee and is still with CIBC and I also have two RRSP GIC's with them. One matures in 2012 and the other in 2013.  As they come up, I will transfer them to ING as well so I can eventually eliminate them all together.

Thankfully, Jordan hadn't put his RRSP's with CIBC into a GIC yet, so he has sent in the request to move them over.

If you haven't made the switch yet, I would highly recommend it! Feel free to use my Orange Key and you and I will both get a free $25 from ING if your first deposit is at least $100.



  1. Know that if you move your RRSP you *may* encounter fees. Be sure to inquire before you move it if you haven't already. (BTW, these wouldn't be taxes like withdrawing the funds, but rather fees for removing the money to another company).


  2. Good on you for moving banks and getting rid of fees. It used to be that you wouold put your money in the bank and they gave you interest on that money but not any more. Now days they [the banks] want you to pay for the privilege of putting your money in their bank.
    I am looking at moving from HSBC to Santandar and getting a better interest rate and no fee charged for using a debit card anywhere in the world etc.
    Sorry I can't use your Orange key as it sounds like a "sweets as" deal ah!

  3. ING Is the best. I started with them awhile ago & I love it!


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