Busy busy busy....

So, we almost bought a house over the weekend.  For those of you who follow me on twitter (or talk to my mom on a regular basis) - know that it's been a crazy couple of days.  We put in a conditional offer and then the house failed the inspection - HUGE FAIL.  Basically it needed all of the large components replaced w/in twelve months time: furnace, water heater, roof, slope of the landscaping, cracked foundation, wood stove....you get the picture.

Last night we took a night off and went to the Flames vs. Stars game, had a fabulous time!  This was part of Jordan's Christmas present, so it was nice to finally get to go.

My parents are probably coming into town this weekend, so it'll be nice to spend some quality time with them.    We're also looking forward to getting back on the house hunt!


  1. Ya stay away from homes like that! Was it build in the 1970's?

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE the flames!!!!
    Shame about your house! Thank goodness for surveys!


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