February Spend Report

My last severance payment was the first week of February, so Jordan and I have been working very hard on sticking to our super uber frugal budget of $800/month for gas, groceries, medical, maintenance etc.  We've never spent so little in a month in all the years I've been tracking our money.  We did go over, but we had a really excellent month.  Here it is:

We did have one trip to Alberta, just a couple hours drive away, for a specialty appointment.  We brought road snacks for us and kiddo, but did wind up eating out for lunch.  We had one other day, when all of our plans went sideways, and we wound up getting a take out pizza.  So we ate out twice,

Another big change was how we are handling grocery shopping.  I've been making a list, using flyers, and going to the store once a week.  I haven't found a job just yet, and found myself going to the grocery store for 'something to do' with kiddo.  Grab milk, eggs, and something for dinner.  The thing is, we had the something for dinner in the freezer already.  So, I've been going to visit family, going for a walk, or building a fort inside with kiddo instead.

We went to the Hot Springs once, paid for Netflix, bought a $6 video game on steam and a few other odds and sods like that - which makes up for the Entertainment spending.

Pet spending was dog food, and education is actually a paid subscription to a job board that specializing in telecommute work.  The big piece of home maintenance was a new water filter for the fridge.  That was an unexpected $60!  The only one in town.  We're going to do some online research to see if we can find a better price for the next one.

The baby spending was a few new onsies, and a few toys for the summer.  There was a store closing that had some really excellent sales, so it felt like it made sense.  I put the toys away for then.

I feel good about the spending overall!  We'll keep working on keeping things tight, and hopefully in March, we'll be under $1,000.



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