Employment Insurance...Coming to an End

It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since I started my Maternity Leave.  I had left work two weeks before my due date, and went two weeks over due.  So my leave ends with Little Man is just shy of 11 months old.  When I say left work, most of you know that it wasn't a mutual separation.  I was advised when my leave was starting that my department was shutting down and I wouldn't have a job to come back to.


When my EI stops mid-September, my severance kicks in.  I haven't looked at the paperwork for a while, but it's about six months of my old salary.  I'm really looking forward to that - to help pay off some of the over runs of the renovations and to top up some of our savings funds.  It will feel good to go into the New Year on the right foot and that sure will help.

I've started looking for jobs in our new town - the first fell through, but I'm excited about a couple more contract opportunities that are on the horizon.

Wish our little family luck as our financial landscape changes, changes again, and changes some more.


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