Baby Spend - So Far

Stroller - UppaBaby Vista 2015 - $855 As most of you know, Jordan and I have been saving up for baby for years...little bits at a time.  We're now at that place where we can spend on baby things, and we are completely prepared for that in our budget, woohoo!  We had put away $10,000 over threeish years for both pre-baby, and post-baby.

Here's where we're at so far....and while we've been saving for a long time, that doesn't mean we want to spend money we don't need to - just about everything we've gotten on sale.
  • The Crib was regularly $229.99 - saved $30
  • The Dresser was it's regular price, but came with the change table top
  • The Stroller was regularly $925 - saved $70
  • Car Seat Adapter (not pictured) was regularly $75 - saved $5.60 

The last big thing will be the mattress for the crib which I'm planning on getting from Costco for about $130 (best price I've found for the mattress I want).  After that, we'll wait and see what we need after the baby shower :)

The Crib! $299

The Dresser/Change Table - $379
Chicco Key Fit 30 - $220



  1. Looks great. All that presaving you two did is certainly paying off now. I love the colour tones of what you chose.

  2. Looks nice. I know you have the money saved but that's a lot of money for a stroller. We bought a new jogging stroller for $100 and its lasted for two kids and we use it all the time.

    1. It is a very pricey stroller - you're right about that. It was the one thing we went back and forth on too many times to count. Once we had seen it, and investigated all of the features there was just nothing that compared to it. I'm excited about the bassinet that comes with it as it's rated for safe sleeping - which means when we visit family out of town, that can be babies bed till he gets too big.


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