New House - Not Yet

So unfortunately, Jordan and I had to let the house go that we had put an offer on.  The list was for $250,000 which was our offer but to get the house where it needed to be would have been about $90,000 in renovations (with a LOT of sweat equity).  After doing an appraisal, we found out that it would only add about $20,000 worth of market value.
We didn't think it would be 100% of the reno, but it needed to be at least 50% to make it worthwhile.

So...we move on.

Jordan has two houses lined up for us to look at on Sunday.


  1. Sounds like you've made the right decision.

    I hadn't been reading blogs in a while, life got super busy, but I always enjoyed yours... CONGRATULATIONS on the baby :):):) really happy for you guys!

    1. Thanks so much! Life is crazy right now, but we're really enjoying it.


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