We did it!

Today is payday, and because of my recent raise, we were able to top up the Baby Fund and hit 100%.

So...now what to do with those regularly occurring deposits into that account....  We've been contributing $300/month towards it for the longest time.

I'm thinking on one hand we could put the money towards the line of credit...but on the other hand, maybe we should target our next closest savings goal and see if we can get another 100%  Another option would be to stash the cash for a couple of months so that we could take a short trip to visit Jordan's family in May - even another $300-$500 would make that trip totally affordable.


We have some thinking to do.


  1. How about putting the money into savings? One month it could be for the May trip, the next month it could be an additional boost to your curveball account and another month it could be a boost for your Emergency Fund? Then you could automatically add it to the LOC to get that paid down faster....Just a suggestion. :)

    1. Hi April!

      There's no doubt that it will go to savings - it's just which savings account/plan....I have quite a few of them.

      I think we'll stash it for a month to help go see Jordan's family, and then after that it'll go to the Christmas fund so we can get that done earlier rather than later in the year.


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