October Monthly Spend Summary

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!  We had 104 kids this year!!  Probably $100 or so of this months 'groceries' was Halloween candy.

Some categories were a bit higher, some a bit lower than the average.  As is typical when we spend less on eating out; we spent more on groceries - but consumption stays about the same.  We did have a couple of road trips (as we usually do in a month); which contributed to the eating out that we did do.


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  1. Well you certainly had more than the average, from what I've been reading. We didn't give out this year (after this year, we know we won't have an excuse so we thought we'd take it while we can get it ;) ). We were at a friend's house and they only got rung once (4 kids at the one time). We live in a sub division so it'll probably be busy when we do start giving out. Good job at being under the average, shows some good progress :)


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