The Deck, is Done!

Not only is the deck finished, but it actually came in under budget!!  I had originally planned on spending $5,596.64 - but i had mis-measured - the total square footage came to 180 rather than 210!  At $15/sq/ft - that's a $450 difference.  I had also over estimated the railing costs by $150.40 and the stairs by $308.04.

The grand total for the deck is $4,642.64.

...that's $954 less than we had budgeted for!



  1. It looks very nice. I like the modern railings.

  2. I did mine a couple of years back and it cost me around $2k with floor lights as well as the same rails as you. I put a concrete pad underneath my steps as well. Saves alot of money doing it DIY so I'm happy. Your deck looks great, I hope you enjoy it!! Cheers

  3. Thanks ND Chic!

    We thought about doing it ourselves, and then we thought about warranties. So we went with a builder that we trusted :)


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