Three Month Catch Up

I haven't posted the last three months of our spending, so this is a bit of a catch up post in that regard:

The categories that are in bold are that which our day-to-day joint spending account are for - the account that we give ourselves $300/week for.  The other categories are typically saved up for before purchasing - or purchases we've been able to make because of, for example, birthday  money/tax returns/ ect.

While groceries continues to feel like a lot for two people - gas has finally leveled out which is good.  Our eating out is fairly high as well - but nothing like it  used to be in years past - the same goes for Entertainment with just one splurge in July.

Education has leveled off because Jordan and I are (for now) currently both done with our most recent educational pursuits.

Home Maintenance also includes large 'for the home' purchases - furniture and that sort of thing.  We're still settling into our new home, so I imagine this line will continue to see fluctuations. 

Any questions?  Feel free to ask!




  1. Do you have a lot of food waste? I find that with just D and I we seem to waste food every week! It's so frustrating! We spend about $400 a month on groceries.

  2. We spend a ton on food also. This is something that we're working on.


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