April Spend Summary

Quite a few of you know that I was pretty excited to get this post put together - it's a quick one, but powerful.  This is the first monthly spend summary where Jordan and I were spending money according to our New Plan.  It's the least we've ever spent since we started tracking money.

...in the last 22 months.

AND - Jordan and I even made and addendum to the plan which includes an extra $300 every 3 (or 4) months to top op our pantry and do any bulk shopping that we need to do.  

I'm over the moon.

This was the least stressful month I think we've ever had and the least expenses.  Crazy.


  1. You are getting a handle on things for sure. You didn't give up until you got a plan that worked for you both.

  2. That is really really awesome. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations!! That's awesome. Although how the heck did you spend so little on your pets. I think we average out around $75 per month :S

  4. That's awesome! I really like the idea of an addendum to restock the pantry every few months. I think I'm going to steal your idea.

  5. good job. I just cant get a grip on mine.


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