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One of the things on our list while visiting mom was to have a look at her phone/internet/cable pricing.  She lives in a pretty rural area, so has has to have two different companies.  While surfing the companies website we found that they had an online chat feature with customer service.  I hopped on, and pretended to be my mom.

Within about 10 minutes I got my mom a pretty decent discount on her cable and internet services.  Next up...the phone company.

Here is the conversation, feel free to try it out with your company and let me know if this transcript helped you negotiate a successful discount:

Customer Chat Transcript
Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...
You have been connected to Ryan.

Ryan:  Thank you for contacting Phone Company Name, my name is Ryan, and I will be assisting you today, how may I help you?
Jessie’s Mom:  I currently pay just under $100 for tv and internet, however; A Different Phone Company Name offers both of theses, as well as phone for about the same price
Jessie’s Mom:  is there anything you can do to be competitive with them?
Ryan:  I am just checking into the promotions available
Jessie’s Mom:  perfect, thank you
Ryan:  I am sorry, however we do not currently have any promotions that I can update to your account for you.
Jessie’s Mom:  So, you would rather I cancel and move all services to A Different Phone Company Name?
Jessie’s Mom:  I am surprised that you have no other options
Ryan:  If you would like I can get you in contact with our Resolve department to speak about the possibility of cancelling and look into further options for you.
Jessie’s Mom:  thank you

Ryan has left the session.

Please wait while we find an agent from the Resolve department to assist you.
You have been connected to Andrew.

Jessie’s Mom:  Hi Andrew
Jessie’s Mom:  Ryan passed me on to you
Jessie’s Mom:  I am looking for some help on my pricing
Andrew:  hello, I will do my best to help you out.
Jessie’s Mom:  Thank you
Andrew:  no problem. please give me a few seconds, and I will access your acct so to see what i can do.
Jessie’s Mom:  thank you
Andrew:  you currently have a watch and surf bundle with us, and you pay $90.10/mth ... is this correct?
Jessie’s Mom:  It's currently $97.01 plus tax
Jessie’s Mom:  i think
Andrew:  i see. i checked your bill, and the services are $90.10 (plus tax), but what i can do is add a loyalty discount (of 20%) lowering your bill, before taxes, to $72.08/mth (plus tax), if you're interested.
Jessie’s Mom:  that seems very reasonable to me - I appreciate your efforts
Andrew:  that's a monthly savings of $18.02, and i can do this for the next 12 months - an overall savings of $216.24.
Jessie’s Mom:  excellent
Andrew:  would you like me to add this to your account?
Jessie’s Mom:  yes please
Andrew:  just give me one minute, and i'll make sure it gets done for you.
Jessie’s Mom:  thank you
Andrew:  it's complete. you're future bills will be $72.08 ($80.73 - taxes in).
Jessie’s Mom:  thank you very much
Jessie’s Mom:  i appreciate your time
Andrew:  is there anything further i can help you with?
Jessie’s Mom:  No, thank you
Andrew:  it was my pleasure, thank you for contacting Phone Company Name.



  1. There are so many discounts out there that simply await the asking, but asking can be hard and intimidating for many (including me). I have been known to say with humour"I am looking for such and such. Are you able to help me or do you need to pass me up the food chain to one of your supervisors?". Most of the time I need to be passed up. that's great you were able to do that for your mom. Every dollar counts.

  2. When we tried that with Cogeco, they just said "bye bye" and didn't offer us ANYTHING for 5+ years of customer loyalty! Ugh!

  3. Awesome. Where I live, competition doesn't go as far as striking deals with service providers. They usually would just let you leave. One thing that sucks about island life.


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