Weekly Spend - January (week 2)

Another week over, another spending summary review.  This week we spent about $200 on groceries - $70 less than last week.  We did not eat out!! Woo!  Jordan actually asked once, and I think (in part) because of doing these posts I didn't want to.  Our kitchen was a bit of a mess because Jordan was standing/staining the countertops so instead, we grabbed our dinner groceries and cooked in my mom's kitchen instead.  A win!

Oh! What's that $7 from?  That is something from 7-Eleven.  I assume a lottery ticket and a coffee.

Kids Stuff! $120 in kids stuff?  Okay - this is about $95 in diapers (two boxes from Costco), two 360 sippy cups for baby girl for daycare and a new water bottle for Little Man for daycare.

Finally, we have about $265 in Home Maintenance. This is $55 in paint - with the kids back at daycare, Jordan is getting some small jobs around the house finished before he goes back to work.  Starting upstairs he got our closet doors painted, and the doors in the hallway painted that were somehow two different off-white colors.  $175 was at Rona for painting supplies, drop cloth etc. etc. Next up was a $15 cable/electric detector thing that Jordan tells me will save us a $150 call-out fee from an electrician and finally a set of glassware containers for about $20 - with the kids back in daycare and all this meal planning we're doing - we needed a few more to store leftovers.

 <  <  < This is a summary of both weeks.  Mostly so I could see the remaining amount to spend and % spent of the budget. 

On the surface we're doing well because we're two weeks in and spent just under half of the budget...buuuut January has nearly five full weeks in it.

So...we'll see how we do.

Have a great week!


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